Real Estate Law

Here at Nordic Lawyers we meet all of our clients’ needs with regards to the planning, development and operation of all kinds of real estate ventures. Likewise we offer legal advisory services both to property owners, purchasers, and building and development companies both nationally and internationally. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance from the very initial stages of the venture to its completion, this encompasses the design and transfer of guarantees and any financing which may be applicable depending on the case.

  • Purchase and Sale of Properties and Real Estate Companies
  • Development, Construction and Technical Contracts
  • Urban and Rural Leasing Contracts
  • Organisation of Real Estate Complexes
  • Acquisition and sale of all types of real estate assets. Management and disinvestment of large real estate portfolios; acquisition of assets through corporative operations; Sale and Leaseback operations, acquisition of administrative concessions; establishment and acquisition of building rights and, in general, any type of exploitation of property assets.
  • Carrying out of legal, urban planning and environmental audits related to the acquisition of real estate assets and to the construction and urbanisation processes.
  • Negotiation of leasing agreements, transfers of use, commodatums, leasehold agreements and any other type of contract for the transfer of the possession, use or exploitation of real estate assets. Advisory services for entering into contracts for urbanisation and building works; contracts for works to be performed, for the provision of real estate services, for real estate consultancy services, architecture,and project management, etc.

Horizontal property system and community of property owners

  • Creation of a community of property owners.
  • Drawing up, revision or rectification of the condominium deed, statutes or internal regulations for a property which is divided according to the horizontal property system.
  • Drawing up, revision or rectification of statutes or regulations for urbanisations.
  • Challenging of any community agreements.
  • Recovery offees from defaulting property owners.
  • Legal claims for alterations to facades, disturbing activities, private use of common areas, etc.